Majid Jowhari

Your member of parliament for

Richmond Hill

Majid Jowhari

Your member of parliament for

Richmond Hill


#LetsCelebrateCanada150 #LetsCelebrateRichmondHill



Whether you are celebrating this momentous occasion by waiving your Red and White flag proudly, watching fireworks with friends or joining family at the many community events,  I hope that you take time and show pride in this unique community that we live in and also reflect on our collective path to reconciliation with the Indigenous people. Richmond Hill is the diverse home to a compassionate community that cherishes its historic roots yet continues to find its strengths through harmony in its new and emerging cultural fabric. It is made up of breathtaking landmarks, innovative design and natural green spaces. 

Below, you see an astonishing series of artwork created by the Richmond Hill Group of Artists from their impression of our hometown and  in celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday. 

This Canada Day let’s celebrate all that means to be a Canadian and all that means to be part of this wonderful community.


Yue Wei Feng
Richmond Hill United Church
The Richmond Hill United Church was built in 1880. It is one of the oldest churches in York
Region. It is a designated heritage building. I am always attracted to this view/scene as I drive
north towards home.

Pat Earl
Phyllis Rawlinson Homestead – A Gift of Nature
11715 Leslie Street. Richmond Hill
This painting represents one of the oldest homes in Richmond Hill. It is the hewn log home
built on an 89.5 acre property by the Forster family after 1830, and later purchased by the
Rawlinson family. In keeping with her love of farm life and interest in the conservation of the
rural landscape, Phyllis Rawlinson willed this property to the Town of RH in the late 1900’s.
Phyllis Rawlinson Park is truly one of the least known gems in Richmond Hill. The history and
architecture of the buildings found in a natural setting with ponds and trails provide an
abundance of painting subjects and are one of my favourite places to paint.


Haleh Dehlavi
Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts
Building of Stars
Born in a family of musicians, I grew up watching my parents perform on the stage. This made
me feel a great connection to the performing theaters. Since the opening of Richmond Hill
Centre for the Performing Arts, I felt the same about this building and through all these years I
enjoyed attending different programs and events there. Being a visual artist has also given me
the opportunity to present my artwork in many different events at Richmond Hill Centre for
the Performing Arts and even had my own solo show in November 2016 with great sales which
made my connection with it even deeper. By participating in Paint the Town project I used this
opportunity not only to paint one of the most important buildings in my town and community,
but also the one that is truly close to my heart!

Sylva Sroujian
David Dunlap Observatory
123 Hillsview Dr.
David Dunlap Observatory is one of the top ten places to visit in Richmond Hill. It opened in
1935 with funds donated to the University of Toronto by Jessie Donald Dunlap – it has been a
research center of the department of astronomy and astrophysics. It is rich in history with
many cultural and natural heritage features. It has the largest telescope in Canada.
On March 21, 2017, the ownership of the David Dunlap Observatory Park lands, Observatory
Dome and Administration Building, was officially transferred to the Town of Richmond Hill.
I hope my artwork can help preserve the legacy.

Alexandra K Conrad
St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, Richmond Hill
St. Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church, Richmond Hill, Ontario has magnificent
architecture. This inspired

Alexandra K. Conrad

“St. Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church”

St. Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church was built in Richmond Hill in July 28, 1968. The architecture of this church is magnificent.

This inspired my creativity to show beauty of this structure in my painting titled “St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church” in acrylic on gallery canvas.

Andrea End
“The Promise”
64 Bridgeport Drive
Twenty five years ago we were looking for a house in Richmond Hill, this house was listed and we considered buying it. We chose a different house and that has been our home all these years. When I pass #64 I wonder whose home it became…


Cheryl Uhrig
The Log Home on Mill Street
184 Mill Street
Nestled in the heart of Richmond Hill, this wonderful old log home stands the test of time
amongst the ever changing houses around it. It has attracted many different owners over the
No doubt, each one as unique and special as their home.


Clyde Francisco

I chose a view that includes the entrance and carriage shed of this handsome Queen Anne Revival style home.

The house is elevated and looks proud with its wrap around veranda.


Gillian Wharton
105 Wright Street
As I drive by this home, I am reminded of the home of my favourite Aunt. I would visit and
play in her yard, pick flowers and fresh peas. She always had cookies and drinks for us.
Wonderful memories…

Gillian Wharton
“105 Wright Street”
I was drawn to paint this home which has a very welcoming feel.
The porch would be a great place to sit and enjoy communicating with neighbours on a summer evening.




Jette Cott
47 Lillooet Crescent
A lovely property on a quiet street in Richmond Hill. The Dunn family grew up here, with
wonderful memories of street parties and lifetime friendships.

Josephine Sherman
“The McConaghty Centre in Winter”
While walking by this serene winter scene I felt a peaceful calm even though it’s on busy Yonge St.
The large evergreen tree, the bench and even the fountain rocks were blanketed with snow. The sprinkling of snow created an olden day feel.

Judy Shi
The Mill Pond Gazebo is full of happy memories with the summer music festivals and the winter carnival, made rich with the collective memories of each participant. Although buried in snow the memories are still there.

Katie Argyle
Beverly Hills of Richmond Hill
My eye is drawn up along the verticals to get tangled in scaffolding and the interior crisscross
of cranes which lead me to so-many-boxes.
Big ones to live in. Shallow box frames to look out of.

Khatcho Yazedjian
“The Old and the New”
The old town hall building next to the modern architecture of the Centre for the represents the small town growing to become one of the best places to live in.
Richmond Hill Performing Arts

Manuela Wenger
“9 Regent Street”
While driving along Regent Street this interesting house caught my attention.
The architecture and personality really appealed to me.

Marilyn Sexton
“Winter on Richmond”
I chose this older home to paint because of its beautiful and interesting combination of colour.
I love that these homes from another time have been lovingly maintained.

Nicholas Gere
“Rhapsody on Yonge”
The high quality of food that we enjoyed at this little restaurant reminded me of my mother’s cooking.
The bonus was the “Gypsy” music accompaniment; all in a 1960’s setting in Richmond Hill.

Lucy Quintero
“Deep Roots and Warm Lights on Arnold Street”
With this painting’s name I wanted to bring attention to the deep feelings that the past gives to this area. Their wealth is way deeper than money can buy.

Sheryl Hopper

Silvija Hord
“That Darn House”
Affectionately known as THAT DARN HOUSE. A whimsical reflection of our backyard looking towards Weldrick Rd. E.


Sue Foerster
“My Little Cottage”
Feeling blessed outside in the back yard, especially in the fall. It’s a sanctuary I’m happy to share.

Taya Winitsky
Mill Pond Manor
337 Sugar Maple Lane
On our walks around the Mill Pond Village, we would look at the beautiful houses and gardens,
discuss their styles, and take a quick photo of particularly attractive landscape or majestic tree
in front of the house.
Looking at the houses from the Gazebo area of the pond, where we came to dance on Sunday
evening in the summer, we adored one particular house that was sort of towering over the
others. That House had such an air of opulence and loveliness, it reminded us a Manor, and so
we called it the Manor of Mill Pond. And when idea of “Paint the Town “was announced knew
that I wanted to paint this house.


Vera Walton
I was enchanted by this pretty house sitting quietly behind beautiful birch trees looking very serene.
Just the kind of house that would offer perfect shelter. The house is elevated.

Wendy Cho
“starry night”
The Dunlop Observatory embodies nature, learning and imagination. Its achievements are grand and spectacular—literally the sky is the limit!



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